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Hoveton Village (Wroxham)


Hoveton Village is without a doubt the most popular destination for those wanting to spend a day on the Norfolk Broads. If you’ve been to the broads before but have never heard of Hoveton Village, don’t worry, as you probably know it as Wroxham Village. To reach Hoveton you will have to drive over a small bridge that leads over the River Bure. As soon as you’re on the north side, you’re in Hoveton Village - Wroxham is in fact the area on the south side of the bridge, which consists of houses and has no shops or centre and because there are very few visible signs describing the town as Hoveton, it’s easy to understand why Wroxham is favoured.

Once you have arrived and parked, you will be able to enjoy a selection of fantastic shops, clothes shops and a supermarket (most of which are run by Roys of Wroxham, the famous Norfolk department store). You won’t be short of places to eat either, so whether you want to sit down for a full meal in one of the riverside restaurants, or fancy some traditional fish and chips, you won’t have to look too far. There is ample seating beside the river, so make sure that you take some time out to relax and enjoy the calming views of the moving water.

Hoveton Village or Wroxham Village as it’s referred to by many, is known as the capital of the Norfolk Broads and rightly so, as it is home to many businesses and is very close to a fantastic selection of different Broads. One of the most popular is Wroxham Broad, which can be found a short distance away by boat and by car. If you want to enjoy the more scenic views of the river then renting a boat is highly recommended. If you’re not sure where to hire a boat from, visit nearby Horning Ferry Marina just a short distance further along the road in Horning. From here the river will take you past Wroxham Broad, which is a very popular destination for sailing, which is why you will find a sailing centre here. If you would rather keep your feet firmly on dry land, the broad can be reach by road and offers a small pay and display car park right next to the sailing centre. Some of the other broads in the area can only be reached via boat, the most impressive of which is Hoveton Great Broad but even this can be tricky, as boats are banned from entering. You will have to moor on the north band and walk through the woods until you reach it.

Where is Hoveton Village?
Hoveton Village can be found 8.2 miles to the northeast of Norwich (approx.). Please see the map for details.

Thankfully, there is plenty of free parking in Hoveton, so you won’t have to route around in your pockets for the ever-evasive loose change that seems to disappear as soon as you actually need it. Roys department store has a large free car park at it’s rear but be advised that this is for Roys customers only. This offers spaces for disabled badge holders, as well as family spaces that are conveniently close to the store entrance. Simply walk through the store and you will come out in the centre of the village. There is also a larger car park closer to the train station (and one at the train station) that are also free with the larger one boasting a coach park.

Where can I stay near Hoveton Village?
If you’re looking for luxury holiday homes in Wroxham, we have a number of fantastic holiday homes & cottages along the river near Hoveton, so if you’re thinking of visiting, contact us to find out more or browse our accommodation options on our website.

What else is nearby?
Since you will be in the ‘capital’ of the broads, you will have plenty of other areas to visit in the area during your stay. If you’re bringing the kids along for your Norfolk Broads holiday then you’re in luck, as there are two very popular family attractions just a short distance away. If you head towards Horning, you will soon come across the entrance to Bewilderwood, a superbly entertaining family adventure park. Based in woodland, the park offers a selection of activities to suit all ages that include rope bridge walking and zip wiring. There are also some great places where you can sit down for something to eat. Although this is mainly suited to older children, there are still some areas designed for smaller kids.

Another great family attraction that’s nearby is Wroxham Barns. This is perfect for adults and kids of all ages, as it’s home to a selection of very unique shops and Junior Farm where you can feed numerous farm animals. The fantastic mini farm adventure is the most popular attraction here and rightly so, as you will find sheep, goats, pigs, donkeys, horses, cows, chickens and more. There is also a soft indoor play area for the little ones.


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