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Malthouse Broad

Malthouse Broad

Malthouse Broad is a beautiful stretch of water nest to Ranworth Broad Nature Reserve and although the two are linked access by boat is only allowed on Malthouse Broad. The small village of Ranworth can be found on the southern side of the Broad and thankfully there are plenty of moorings here, so you can stop by and have a look around if you’re planning to visit by boat. It’s also easily accessible by car, so don’t hesitate to drive to it, as it’s only a short distance from the city of Norwich and the rest of the Norfolk Broads. Malthouse Broad is a very popular destination for people on boating holidays in Norfolk, we totally recommend it.

When it comes to food one of the best places where you can sit down for a delicious meal is the Maltsters Inn in, which can be found on the edge of the broad. This lovely pub has welcoming staff and a menu filled with freshly prepared meals and lets not forget the refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The pub also has its very own car park across the road, so you won’t be short of space during your stay. The pub car park is often full but thankfully there is another large car park just behind it, which is free and available to everyone whether you visit the pub or not. There is also limited parking in front of the shop & visitor centre here but as you can probably guess this is the most popular place to park.

Location of Malthouse Broad
Malthouse Broad is located approximately 10.4 miles to the northeast of Norwich

Where can I stay at Malthouse Broad?
The great thing about Malthouse Broad is that it’s conveniently close by road to Horning Ferry Marina and even closer by river. If you would like to stay on the water then one of their holiday cruisers would be ideal and moorings are available at Malthouse Broad, so you can easily spend the night here. It’s a remarkably peaceful place to stay during the night and we’re sure you’ll get a great nights sleep. If you would rather not stay on the water, Horning Ferry Marina has plenty of luxury riverside accommodation on dry land only a short distance from the broad and because they’re on the river means that you can still access the broad by water if you want. Alternatively just drive the short distance and park up in the free car park, which is just a short distance from the waters edge.

What else is nearby?
A visit to Malthouse Broad isn’t complete without a trip to nearby Ranworth Broad, which joins onto the edge of it. Although Ranworth Broad is a protected nature reserve with no boat access allowed, you can still enjoy the beautiful sites by walking he nearby nature trail through the woods to the Ranworth Broad visitor centre and viewing platform.

Once you’ve parked your car or moored your boat, walk a short distance down Woodbastwick Road (keeping Malthouse Broad to your right) until you reach Broad Road on your right. Turn down here and walk for about half a mile and you will soon come to the entrance to the Ranworth Broad boardwalk & nature trail. There is quite a big sign at the entrance, so the chances are that you won’t miss it. From here the walk will take you into the woods but make sure that you stay on the boardwalk, as the ground either side will be too saturated to walk on. After a short and enjoyable walk through the scenic woodland you will leave the trees behind and the boardwalk will take you through tall grass and reeds for the rest of the way until you come to the visitor centre to your left. If you continue going straight on you will reach the viewing platform. Climb the steps and you will get a lovely view of the broad & surrounding marshland. Unfortunately, it’s not a circular walk but there is an alternative trail on the way back, which will lead you around slightly closer to the broad. This ends up at the same entrance, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost.


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We had an amazing time at The Park, staff were helpful, and the site was clean. Showers were nice and warm and the shop was very competitive. The atmosphere at the park was great, we especially enjoyed the bingo evening and the delicious food at Waveney inn. Thank you for a beautiful break
Lisa Smith

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