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Salhouse Broad

Salhouse broad

The broad offers fantastic views from on or off the water but if you love nature then you will love the beautiful woodland walk that runs from the car park all the way to the broad. The trail will remain shaded throughout most of the walk, which is perfect for hot days, as it can be very cooling. Once you get a certain distance along the trail, you will see a boardwalk heading off to the right. You don’t have to take this if you don’t want to but it offers even more beautiful natural views and you will reach the waters edge a little quicker.

Once you reach the broad you will be greeted with stunning natural views across the water and a grassy ‘beach’, which slopes from the tree line into the water. This is a great place to sit down and enjoy a picnic under the clear summer skies. There are numerous moorings here and a few more a little further along the shore, so if you are coming in by boat, to won’t be short of places to moor. These are paid but are very good value considering what an excellent place Salhouse Broad is to visit.

If you love keeping active but the walk wasn’t enough activity for you then why not take advantage of the canoe hire available on Salhouse Broad. This is a surprisingly relaxing way to enjoy the broad and the surrounding river ways, so why not explore some of the nearby areas. Opposite the river entrance to Salhouse Broad is the Hoveton Great Broad Nature Trail. This can also be reached via the Salhouse Broad ferry service and because Hoveton Great Broad is closed to boating traffic, the only way to see it is to moor on the rivers edge and walk to it through the trees. Guided walks here are often available from Salhouse Broad and are definitely worth the small fee.

Location of Salhouse Broad?
Salhouse Broad is located close to Salhouse Village and just a short distance from Wroxham. It is 7.7 miles to the northeast of Norwich (approx.). Please see the map for details.

Fortunately, Salhouse Broad has its very own car park, which has been recently signposted, so it’s easy to spot as you drive up Salhouse Road.  

Where can I stay near Salhouse Broad?
There is plenty of lovely accommodation on and off the water available from Horning Ferry Marina in Horning, which is just a short distance from Salhouse Broad. The best way to experience the beauty of Salhouse Broad is to book a boating holiday and spend some on broad itself.

What else is nearby?
Whether you decide to visit the broad by river or by road, you will have plenty of places nearby to visit also. A short distance up river is the popular village of Hoveton (Wroxham) where you can enjoy traditional fish & chips while overlooking the River Bure, try one of the many restaurants or simply explore the village streets and pretty riverside park (which is perfect for picnics). There are also many excellent shops here including the famous Roys of Wroxham, which is said to be the world’s largest village store.

Wroxham Broad is also very close to Salhouse Broad and this is another location that can be reached and enjoyed by car or by boat. Wroxham broad offers a small grassy area, which is great for families, and those wanting to relax in the sun and maybe even enjoy a picnic. The car park is pay and display, so make sure you have some loose change on you before you visit. The broad is next to a sailing centre, so you will get some entertainment watching the sailing competitions when they are held throughout the year.

If you’re looking for activities that the whole family can enjoy then why not visit Bewilderwood or Wroxham Bars, which are only a short distance by road from Salhouse Broad. Check out the rest of our guides to find out more about these fantastic destinations.


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