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A little selection of videos about Waveney River Centre and the Norfolk Broads. Sit back and enjoy. Don't forget your popcorn.

Waveney River Centre is an oasis of activity in what truly feels like the middle of nowhere down in the southern Broads. It's many things rolled into one: a campsite, right by the water, with a heated indoor pool, shop, café and its own pub, as well a few holiday lodges; it offers moorings to hire boats and has a private marina; and it rents day boats and canoes from what must be one of the best locations from which to explore this part of the Broads national park -- and which also offers plenty of opportunity for walks. Its green agenda is clear: power is partly supplied by 29kw of solar panels, it has an energy-efficient pool and low-energy lighting throughout, pretty much everything is recycled, and the centre has won the David Bellamy conservation award 3 years running. But maybe the best -- and greenest -- thing they have done is to reinstate the foot ferry across the river, which not only gives access to beautiful Carlton Marshes and Oulton Broad on foot, but has also made the car journey from Lowestoft to Waveney about six times shorter.

This video is part of a series produced by Greentraveller showcasing green tourism businesses in The Broads.