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Whitlingham Country Park

Whitlingham Country Park

Only a short distance from the centre of Norwich is Whitlingham Country Park, a scenic and surprisingly tranquil area where you can relax or stay active while enjoying beautiful views & fresh air.

There is an outdoor education centre on the western side of the Great Broad, where you can take advantage of numerous activities on the water & also on land. It’s perfect for kids aged over eight who wish to get more confident on the water by learning water sports like sailing, kayaking and windsurfing.

There are many prime walking opportunities here within the park, so make sure that you bring adequate footwear even if you’re not planning on walking far, as it will be hard to resist. There is a trail that leads around the Great Broad, giving you the chance to enjoy views from all sides. This leads up to the Little Broad & back to the visitor centre. If you would like to walk a little further then why not explore some of the Wherryman’s Way walk, which starts at the edge of the broad. If the sun is shining, there are plenty of grassy areas, where you can sit & relax. If the weather isn’t so good, you can still have a great time here.

Location of Whitlingham Country Park
Whitlingham Country Park is approximately 3.2 miles to the southeast of Norwich city centre.

Where can I stay at Whitlingham Country Park?
Whether you travel to the north into the northern part of the Norfolk Broads or south where the southern broads can be found, you will have the choice of some fantastic accommodation, which is luxurious and comfortable. Horning Ferry Marina can be found in the northern part of the Norfolk Broads just outside of the quiet village of Horning. This prime location on the River Bure will give you access by road & by river to the most popular parts of the broads. You can choose between accommodations on dry land or cruiser hire, which is the best way to experience the beauty of the Norfolk Broads for yourself. If you’re after ultimate peace & tranquillity then Waveney River Centre to your south makes an excellent choice. Here you will be in the secluded surroundings of the Waveney Valley, alongside the River Waveney with beautiful marshland views. Try out the comfortable luxury lodges, all of which are equipped with gas central heating & some even have hot tubs!

What else is nearby?
After you’ve enjoyed some time exploring the park & broad, why not venture a little further afield and enjoy the other places and sights in the area. Only three miles away is the fine city of Norwich, which offers excellent opportunities for shopping, with two large shopping centres (the Castle Mall & Chapelfield, as well as streets filled with quality shops, restaurants, cafes & more. If you’re new to the area then you may want to learn a little about the areas history. Thankfully you won’t have to look far before you come across some beautiful historic landmarks and numerous museums that house some wonderful exhibits. The Norwich Castle Museum sits high above the city on a large defensive mound, so it won’t be hard to miss when you’re exploring the area. This is one of the most impressive landmarks & museums, so we definitely recommend checking it out.

If you would prefer to experience more of the beautiful Norfolk countryside then take a stroll along the Wherryman’s Way walking trail, which starts at Whitlingham Country Park. This 35 mile riverside walk will take you along the banks of the River Yare until you reach Great Yarmouth on the east Norfolk coast. If you would rather not walk that far then why not journey a short distance and turn back whenever you need.


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